HIBINO Kozue × Suzu Zuka

NEWS 2017.09.04
HIBINO Kozue × Suzu Zuka

Tickets for「HIBINO Kozue × Suzu Zuka」are on sale now.

Performers donning costumes designed by Hibino Kozue will be dancing at Suzu Zuka, the redesigned Izuka pre-school in the Shouin area.
Come witness Hibino's experiences and memories of diving in the oceans of Suzu criss-cross each other through myriad performances and costumes, in a place that was once filled with the sound of children's laughter.
Tickets can be purchased through E-Plus via the links below.

【HIBINO Kozue × Suzu Zuka】
Performers don colorful costumes to showcase an aquatic fantasy through juggling and acrobatics.
  9/18(Mon・Holiday )11:00~
Performance Time:40 minutes
Performer:White Asparagus/TANIGUCHI Kai、Hachiro
Music:KAWASE Kousuke
Costumes:HIBINO Kozue
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○Humanoid LADY Suzu Zuka ver.
Changing costume after costume, character after character, this lone dancer breathes new life into this dance with their flexible body and rhythmic precision.
Live music by KAWASE Kousuke.
Performance Time:40 minutes
Performer:HIKIMA Ayaka
Music:KAWASE Kousuke
Costumes:HIBINO Kozue
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○LIVE BONE in Suzu Zuka
Since it's beginning in 2010, LIVE BONE has be performed in all parts of Japan. We are happy to bring it here to you for the Oku-Noto Triennale.
Performer:MORIYAMA Kaiji
Music:KAWASE Kousuke
Costume:HIBINO Kozue
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Advance Ticket Sales:Adult ¥1000 Students ¥500
Regular:Adult ¥1500(Festival Passport holders: ¥1300)
※Tickets can be bought at location at Suzu Zuka starting August 22.

Small children are not charged for entrance if they sit on the guardian's lap.