The landscape of bleak wilderness, primitive scarecrows standing still inthe fields, and the drifts washed ashore and abandoned on the fiercely windy beach...
Those existences that are washed away and vanish in the current of times sometimes strikingly catch our eyes in the gentle daily life.
Such "strange existences" that make remarkable contrast of light and shadow to the materially satisfied happiness of the present day.
To correspond to the sorrows and fierce rages radiated from such strange existences' souls is a theme of my artworks.
In the westering sun, showing my back which drags floating feeling,solitude and the senses of loss behind, I walk on becoming myself one of such "strange existences."
And those feel attracted in looking at the back side of life may pursue me...
I find importance in making such expressions.

1981 Born in Aichi. 2011 Graduated MFA, Tokyo University of the Arts (Oil Painting Techniques and Materials). Live in Tokyo.

2013 Setouchi Triennale (Shodo-Island,Kagawa)
2014 The Exhibition of TARO OKAMOTO Memorial Contemporary Art Award (Taro OKAMOTO Museum of Art,Kanagawa)
2014 The Power of Expression Tokyo University of the Arts Selection (Takamatsu Castle Ruins Hiunkaku,Kagawa)
2015 Nakanojo Biennale (Nakanojo,Gunma)
2016 Who By Art (Seibu Shibuya Art Gallery,Tokyo)


Photo:Nohagi Naka

WORKS No.9Drift Spirit at the Back of Beyond

place Awazu Coast(Misaki Area)


"The Souvenir Pilgrimage in Sanshu" (2013)
photo by Kimito Takahashi

"The Souvenir Pilgrimage in Sanshu" (2013)

"Takamatsu Midnight Harbor INN" (2014)
photo by Shintaro Miyawaki

"Tousou No Su" (2015)
photo by Kazuyuki Miyamoto