Anthropologist. Focusing on Okinawa, the Solomon Islands, and Republic of Vanuatu, he has been conducting field work on resource management and resolution of conflict in community. He has done a research on technological transition and environmental management by Itoman-origin fisherman in Okinawa whereas he continues to survey traditional dolphin hunting in the Solomon Islands for over twenty years. Based upon a survey result, he has proposed and executed “putongi project” in the Republic of Vanuatu.
He developed bamboo-made “StarDome” which consists of six stars based upon icosahedron and dodecahedron and made it publically available on the website. Since then he has run workshop called “kimidake no sora” and participated in various events across Japan including Expo 2005 Aichi. He launched “Daigakudo”, a public bench, at the Tanga Market with his students and organised various activities to make use of the public space in Kitakyushu city as providing educational experience as well as social experiment.

2004-2005 Project leader of “Spaceship Earth”, Expo 2005 Aichi Citizen’s project
2005 Production manager, Tent Theatre Aquarium Kitakyushu Preformance
2007-2010 Project leader of JICA Grassroots Technical Co-operation Project in Economic Development Plan in the Futuna Island
2006-2011 Expert committee member of Ministry of Environment’s Advisory Committee for Sekiseisyoko Nature Restoration Project
2008/8/17 Dance Hakushu 2008 “Jomon to iu inochi” solo dance by Anan Atoyama in partnership with Daisuke Takekawa (art/inspiration)
2008- Representative of “Daigakudo” at the Tanka Market under Kitakyushu Business and Academic Collaborative Project.
2009-2013 Advisor for Oceanic Culture Museum at Ocean Expo Park, National Okinawa Memorial Park
2010/3/4 “Kataru Engeki: Chiiki wo Tagayasu” presented by Daisuke Takekawa, Koji Hasegawa, Tomoyuki Nagayama at Kitakyushu Performing Arts Festival 2010


Photo:Nohagi Naka

WORKS No.35Of the sea; about the mountain

place South Mountain(Wakayama)